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Maintenance Plans

Some of the maintenance plans you see out there are complex, unnecessary, and just downright expensive.  Arsenal Solar as a Solar Panel installer has a full-service comprehensive maintenance plan, that takes care of all your solar system needs, even down the SREC check being mailed right to your door.

Please see below for our industry-leading maintenance plan. 

Solar System maintenance, monitoring, inspections and SREC service. 

***If SREC's are not managed by Arsenal Solar, there is a $100 annual monitoring fee.

When you let Arsenal Solar manage your SREC's, there is no setup fee and monitoring of your solar system is free for life.  If an inspection is needed, the inspection fee is a flat $290.00 inspection fee.

If a microinverter or optimizer needs to be replaced, we have a flat fee, so there is no need to worry about hourly billing.

Please contact us today and let Arsenal Solar take care of all your solar system's needs for the life of the system.



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