• Samuel Park

Benefits of Renewable Energy

Updated: Mar 11

As a major solar provider in the Philadelphia area, we think a lot about renewable energy at Arsenal Solar. We understand that it's going to take hard work and investment to solarize or otherwise change our electricity grid from traditional fossil fuels to renewables.

So why do it, then?

There are actually a number of very good and very important reasons to get active about renewable energy. Here are a few.

The Electric Car Revolution

Electric cars are taking off on American streets in a big way.

To put it simply, the electric car has less infrastructure to maintain, promises a lower cost of ownership over time, and gives the owner the potential to help green the planet and stave off climate collapse.

However, one of the major sticking points is the (current lack of) availability of renewable energy. Critics of electric cars like to say that they're ‘still dirty’ when they get their energy from coal or some other polluting energy source. However, when you install solar, you're allowing your electric car to operate with no carbon footprint day-to-day.

Energy Diversification

Even those who don't believe in 100% renewable energy – (and that's not us, because we certainly do think that renewables are the entire future) – believe that it's necessary to have energy diversification.

We can point to many of the international issues that have cropped up over the last 20 or 30 years as being related to efforts by countries to garner more of a traditional fossil fuel supply – which is finite and sometimes scarce.

Solar, on the other hand, is abundant and always available. By changing the way that we harvest energy, we really free up our economy to function without international support, and we create all sorts of opportunities that will brighten our lives – no pun intended!

Workflow-Efficient Renewables

Here's one of the most basic and fundamental benefits of solar energy.

Think about what it takes to harvest fossil fuels. You have to build equipment and hire crews to physically crack the surface of the earth, dig deep down and extract that gushing oil from where it naturally exists.

It almost sounds like some Herculean task!

By contrast, all you have to do to harvest solar energy is basically set up a panel. It takes minutes, and it lasts for years.

When you really stop and think about it, these compelling reasons to switch to renewable energy are, in many senses, no-brainers. It’s kind of surprising how solar has faced headwinds over time as critics gripe about details like panel production. Don't be part of that strange band of naysayers – join the solar community, and you'll see how easy and profitable it is to get your energy from the sun. We’ll help.