• Samuel Park

Pennsylvania Solar And Us!

Updated: Mar 11

Solar power is important all over the country, but it's getting new attention in the state of Pennsylvania.

The state Department of Environmental Protection operates a website called Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future. Is it a new thing? Well, it’s relatively new – only a few years ago, business did not provide a clear consensus on solar cost efficiency. That’s in the past now – experts agree that solar is the way to go!

The goal of the DEP site, as stated, is to document the evolution of solar power in the state, while promoting new installations and “better shared vision” statewide for solar support. We concur. We’ve been doing this for years.

On the site, you'll see evidence of various stakeholder meetings and a process for integrating solar into Pennsylvania's energy grid. You'll see some of the best practices and consensus on solar plans for the future. You'll see some input from the Public Utility Commission – and that’s another harbinger of this quickly dawning reality, that solar is the way of the future, and that, in order to modernize, the time is now.

At Arsenal Solar, we’re all about adding to that synchronicity when it comes to providing solar solutions for Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents.

As we say on the website, there's nothing short-term in solar – turning over to solar represents a long-term massive benefit to property owners. We can talk a little bit about why that is – first, there's the cost-effectiveness of solar panels, which is somewhat new in the grand scheme of things. Then there's the quick adoption of solar by big companies like Amazon and others. You'll see industrial scale solar popping up in your local communities and wonder why you don’t have it on your own roof.

Arsenal Solar offers individual property owners the ability to collectively keep up with the Joneses. We offer all sorts of innovative customized property solutions in the Philadelphia area. As a full-service renewable energy company, we are an authorized solar contractor for a program called Solarize Philly that complements the DEP's statewide efforts.

As an active participant in the rapidly growing solar energy field, we help with car charging stations, solar PV systems, solar system financing and panel removal and installation.

We serve commercial and residential clients, and are able to customize solutions to the needs of a particular building and property – for example, we are experienced in consulting about nearby old-growth trees and the shade issue, which can impact a solar project. We look carefully at the property’s footprint to come up with the right solution to put in place to get the job done right the first time.

Read more about it on the website and talk to us about how to get in on the ground floor (although the elevator is now rising) of solar.