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Solar Canopies in Philadelphia

The financial and environmental benefits of solar powered energy are progressively increasing its usage all around the world.

Arsenal Solar is known for our prestigious solar panel business around Philadelphia and recently, we’ve discovered yet another breakthrough in the industry of solar power.

Solar canopies.

You may or may not be familiar with them, but solar canopies are elevated structures with solar panels embedded in them and they are used to provide shade, among various other benefits.

Arsenal Solar takes pride in being the first solar installer in Philadelphia to install a solar canopy on a residential property, and your home could be the next lucky one.

Arsenal Solar is installing solar canopies, pilot houses, roof hatches, and skylights (to aesthetically compliment the solar rooftop canopy) in the Philadelphia area and you don’t want to miss out on all the great benefits of solar canopies.

Solar Parking Canopies

Solar canopies are elevated, solar-powered structures, and they are typically installed in parking lots or other paved areas.

Solar canopies are similar to solar carports and ground-mounted solar panels in the fact that both provide an alternative to rooftop solar. If a property’s electric needs are too large for a rooftop solar system and if a roof cannot host solar panels, carports and ground-mounted solar panels can be used to generate enough electricity for the home on the property.

Solar canopies in Philadelphia can be incorporated on both residential properties and commercial business locations. As more and more electric drivers flood our roads, many businesses are looking to incorporate solar parking canopies + electric car charging stations on site, so that drivers can recharge with solar power while they’re parked and working inside the business.

Solar parking canopies are great for residential uses as well. Whether or not you own an electric-powered vehicle, you can reap the benefits of a solar parking canopy. If you have an electric vehicle, you can wake up in the morning and have a full tank of energy waiting to be used, or if you don’t, your home can be powered by your solar parking canopy for so many other electrical uses in the home. That alarm that you use to wake up on time can very well be powered by the solar canopy above your Philadelphia home.

Benefits of Solar Canopies

The benefits of solar are endless.

The benefits of solar canopies are similar to the benefits of solar itself and let us explain why:

Lower Cost of Energy

This is probably always #1 on the list of solar power energy benefits.

Solar canopies provide residential and commercial properties a reduced cost of energy. The amount of energy that a group of solar panels can produce is not fully determined or the same for any two solar panels in two different locations, because solar energy does depend on sunlight, and sunlight varies in different parts of the world.

The majority of solar canopy owners have noticed a significant difference in cost when incorporating solar canopies into their residential or commercial location because they realized that they are able to meet their electric needs by producing the energy themselves, for much less cost.

Investment that Pays for Itself

Solar canopies in Philadelphia are an investment.

Solar canopies can reduce the cost of running a building by producing energy provided by sunlight. The savings that you acquire from lower electric costs will eventually pay for your solar canopy that you had installed however many days, months, years ago.

After some time has passed and you have made back the money that you paid for your solar canopy with the savings that it brought you, the money saved can be used to invest in other parts of your business or your life.

Save Time

Solar canopies save users time because you won’t have to wait for your car to charge, or cool down, heat up, etc. You simply get in your car after it is housed in a solar parking canopy, and you’re set to go with delays.

Save Land Space

Solar panels may be a hassle in comparison to solar canopies, in the fact that solar panels take over the area that they are installed in and may make the land unusable afterwards. Solar canopies in Philadelphia allow you to reap the benefits of generating your own energy, while maintaining the use of your property’s land.

Keep Vehicles Cooler

A shaded parking lot with solar parking canopies will keep your vehicle cooled down all day. The sun may be beaming, but all of its energy is getting absorbed by the solar panels as opposed to your car’s exterior and interior.

Your vehicle can stay shaded in a solar parking canopy and away from any kind of weather, whether it be snow, hail, sun, rain, and you can comfortably drive wherever you need to afterwards without cleaning your car off or waiting for it to cool down.

Solar Panel Canopies

Arsenal Solar is the leading solar provider and installer who wants all of Philadelphia to reap the various benefits of solar. At Arsenal Solar, we want to make your life better and easier by installing our solar panel canopies on your residential or commercial property. Save money, time, property space, and so much more by calling Arsenal Solar to install your next solar canopy today!

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