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Car Charging Stations

Arsenal Solar is one step ahead of the game when it comes to adequately utilizing renewable energy. Serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Arsenal Solar is your next full-service renewable energy company, manufacturing innovative hardware for the solar industry since 2010.

Solar Car Charging Station

When it comes to Arsenal Solar’s car charging stations, consumers can either opt to buy a Level 1 or Level 2 charging station. At Arsenal Solar, we recommend that if you’re looking to invest in an electric car charging station, our Level 2 solar car charging station is your best bet at getting your money’s worth!

Level 1 Electric Car Charging Station:

  • 120-volt connection (like any standard household outlet)

  • Lengthy full-charging time

Level 2 Electric Car Charging Station:

  • 240-volt power source

  • Charging times are faster than a Level 1 charging station

  • An electric car can go from 20 hours to fully charge with a Level 1 station, to 3 hours with a Level 2 station

Benefits of Solar Energy

At Arsenal Solar, we promise that there is no greater return on investment than there is when you invest in solar energy. We provide solar that you can trust. Solar that will ultimately make your life easier, not to mention – better!

Longer-range electric cars exceeding 200 miles and averaging daily commutes less than 40 miles typically don’t use their full charge in a day, and only need to top their energy source off at the end of the day with a few hours of charging.

You already made the investment in a solar-powered vehicle, now it’s time to get your full investments’ worth with a superior solar car charging station from Arsenal Solar!

A high-speed solar car charging station can benefit you in more ways than you think:

  • Adds to your Home’s Resale Value

  • Saves Overall Time, Money and Hassle

    • No more wasting gas to drive to the gas station!

    • No more wasting money to power your vehicle!

  • Emissions-Free & Environmentally Friendly

    • A power source like solar doesn’t release toxins and chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere like standard fossil fuels do

    • Helps fight climate change

  • Reduces Dependence on Nonrenewable Energy Sources

  • Improves Long-Term Human Health

    • With cleaner air comes cleaner lungs!

Arsenal Solar has been bringing cleaner air to locations all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey! A healthier planet will benefit all of humanity, so make the switch to solar and reap the accumulating benefits that Arsenal Solar has to offer!

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